Concussions are the hottest topic within sports communities right now, especially as parents, coaches, and athletes alike come to realize that concussion prevention and treatment need to be taken very seriously in order to reduce the number of traumatic brain injuries occurring around the country. South Florida is now taking the lead in an effort to develop advanced concussion treatments to address this growing concern.

Life-Long Athlete Proves Importance of Concussion Treatment

Ruth Kaiser was just finishing her junior year of high school when she found herself at the Baptist Hospital Concussion Clinic. As an avid team player, Ruth has participated in fall, winter, and spring sports since sixth grade, and she was always fortunate to avoid serious injury. That all changed during one softball game when Ruth was smacked in the head by another player’s helmet.

After the helmet collided with her head, Ruth blacked out for about 30 seconds and then couldn’t handle the light of the sun when she regained consciousness. Her parents had not been properly educated about concussions and assumed Ruth just needed to rest and recover, but in the following days she started suffering from severe headaches, nausea, mood swings, and the inability to concentrate.

New Resources From South Florida

Far too many athletes share Ruth’s experiences, so experts in the South Florida area have taken matters into their own hands to help educate families and athletes about concussions and also provide the medical tools necessary for concussion identification and rehabilitation. The three leading clinics include Baptist Hospital’s concussion clinic, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s concussion treatment program, and newcomer Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood.

The University of Miami and the country’s fourth-largest public school system, Miami-Dade, also teamed up to catalog and treat concussions in every public high school for every sport, an initiative that has brought more than 600 concussions to light. With every year that passes, athletes are able to enjoy their sports with stronger concussion prevention, understanding, and treatment.