Michigan Auto No Fault and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Rehabilitation, Neuro Behavioral, and Supported Living Program Facility

“Because of our expert care and high customer satisfaction ratings, our Sarasota, FL program is earning a reputation as the country’s premier neuro-behavioral supported living facility. Widely known in the Michigan Auto No Fault Industry, our program is often on a waiting list for new admissions due to our consistent performance, good outcomes and loyal clients. Once you have visit our programs and meet our staff, you will see why our customers have come to expect more from us.”

Residential Neuro Rehabilitation Programs and Facilities Designed for TBI and SCI Survivors with Michigan Auto No Fault Insurance:

NeuroInternational provides post-acute residential programs for persons with catastrophic traumatic brain injury, sometimes referred to as TBI, acquired brain injury ( ABI ), closed head injury, brain trauma, neurotrauma, and head trauma. We also serve spinal cord injury survivors. Most of our Michigan residents have been involved in an auto related accidents (often referred to as car / truck / automobile / MVA / motorcycle / vs. pedestrian accidents). Often our clients have suffered a moderate to severe head injury and have subsequent neuro-behavioral issues and cognitive deficiencies (impaired memory, speech and communication, problem solving and reasoning, social skills, impulsivity, aggression, substance abuse, depression, relationship problems, family issues, etc).

NeuroInternational offers a full continuum of services including supported living programs. We also facilitate neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-behavioral care.

Experience Makes the Difference:

Our traumatic brain injury rehabilitation (TBI) team in Florida and Michigan have decades of experience working with Michigan Auto No Fault claims. Many of the residents in our Florida programs are from the State of Michigan. Our current Michigan Auto No Fault stakeholders will attest to our efficiency, effectiveness, and high consumer satisfaction ratings.

Treatment Planning for Michigan Auto No Fault Clients:

We have the one of the most diversified and comprehensive treatment team in the State of Florida (30 doctors and TBI experts function as part of our team). Our team uses the Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory-4 (MPAI-4), a treatment planning tool specially designed to guide treatment and measure outcomes for persons with brain injury. Care plan members conduct a baseline MPAI-4 assessment rating at time of admission, then long-term goals and short-term objectives are determined based upon capability and desired outcomes.

Neuro-Behavioral Care:

We manage some of the most difficult neuro-behavioralcases in our various settings. We have a world-class supported living program in Florida designed for person with cognitive-behavioral issues. Our neuro-behavioral care in Florida is led by a psychiatrist (TBI specialist), board certified behavior analyst, and a board certified neuropsychologist. Letitia McIntosh-Reid (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), Dr. Kanter (Board Certifed Neuropsychologist),  and Neal Flannery (Administrator / Behavior Specialist) have national reputations for being experts in their fields. Dr. Parbhoo, our full-time program director in Sarasota, Florida, is on-site daily providing 1:1 sessions and implementing neuro-behavioral programs.

Over the course of their careers, the neuro-behavioral leadership team has successfully managed hundreds of neuro-behavioral cases in residential settings. 

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings:

Our bed-and-breakfast style residential facility in Sarasota, FL, ranks amongst the highest in the country and we are widely regarded as the premier supported living program in the State of Florida. We have cherry-picked the some of the most experienced TBI staff in Florida resulting in one of the most qualified TBI teams in the industry. Our leadership team has managed and owned many TBI programs and has implemented proven quality control procedures to ensure every client’s needs are met. We have continuous quality assurance procedures in place and remain attuned to our customer’s needs by asking for their feedback on regular basis. Our team also maintains a quick response strategy to address any identified problem areas.

“Experienced TBI clinicians, outcome-driven care, and beautiful campuses make us truly unique”

A Measure of our Performance:

We can proudly say that we have never had an unhappy client leave our TBI program to go to a competitor’s TBI program; however, over the past 2 years we have had multiple clients transfer to our program from all the major competing facilities in Florida, and some from Michigan facilities. Many of these cases have come to us in turmoil for different reasons and we have consistently provided solutions for the payor, family, and survivor. If you are interested in our program, NeuroInternational is pleased to offer a phone list of our current and past clients so you can hear firsthand how we deliver on our promises.

Program Effectiveness:

Our experienced team understands the complexities related to the needs of all parties involved in a Michigan Auto No Fault claim. Our stakeholders include families, survivors, case managers, adjusters, attorneys, judges, guardians, referring physicians, referring insurance companies, and other constituents. Our comprehensive treatment team develops care plans that include input from all parties and we tailor our care plans to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

“We do not throw the key away and warehouse our clients, we push hard every day to return our people to independent living”.

Program Efficiency:

Simply put, we are fair and ethical, and we have been successful with Michigan No Fault Claims because we deliver on our promise of providing quality care at a reasonable price. Our consumers are consistently pleased with the results they get from our programs. We address each case considering the need of all parties and we often achieve better-than-expected outcomes, even for those clients who failed in other placements. Frequently, we admit people into our program with pending litigation or have other complex family, client and payor issues. We are an impartial and equitable participant in the rehab process and we provide recommendations and supporting documentation to assist in resolving complex issues.

Tour our Programs and to Decide for Yourself:

If you are involved in a Michigan Auto No Fault Claim and are interested in solving your problems in Florida’s premier traumatic brain injury program, please contact our admissions team and we will make arrangements for you to tour our program. Once you tour our programs and meet our treatment team, you will see why our customers have learned to expect more from us.

“Our satisfaction ratings are very high due to the individualized, family and client-centered care we provide. We have client testimonials and family/client/case manager contact lists available to our qualified prospective clients so they can verify the quality of our programs.”

Providing Head Injury Rehabilitation and Neuro Behavioral Resources, Services and Care, as well as Residential Programs and Facilities, to TBI Survivors