NeuroInternational provides services to TBI survivors from Texas and Oklahoma

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Supported Living Services in Michigan: NeuroInternational designs individualized monitored apartments, houses and host homes in Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and other cities in the Midwest (we can design a supervised host home or supervised apartment in your hometown). We also provide monitored vacations, respite care and specialized neurobehavioral care. As part of our behavior management team, we include life-skills therapists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrist, behavior specialists, counselors, pain management specialists, and board certified behavior analysts.

These community-based supported living services enable people to live in real community settings, and are an alternative to placement in a residential facility / program. Community houses and apartments are supported by a multidisciplinary team of neuro-rehab and neuro-behavioral specialists. The team develops and oversees behavioral and health management programs for people with mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injury.

NeuroInternational offers an array of outpatient and testing services to people in Texas/Oklahoma with neurological deficits. We also offer life-skills training and family training as part of our programs.

We work closely with many private and public payor sources in Texas and Oklahoma. We serve many traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors in our residential facility and supported living programs in Florida. TBI survivors may choose to receive services in both Florida and Texas / Oklahoma.

Please contact us to learn more about our Texas/Oklahoma services. Contact: (214)-432-5749