Learn About Supported Living Options and Settings

Supported Living Options and Long-Term Care

NeuroInternational offers a variety of beautiful community-based living options for persons with neurologic impairment. We offer services in free-standing facilities, houses, apartments, and host homes. We have the unique ability to develop individualized supported living programs to meet the needs of most individuals. Our high quality community programs cater to people who may require assistance with a variety of functional living activities.

Our Neuro Host Homes are community-based houses and apartments offered to adults with neurologic impairment. Our Neuro Host Homes are individually designed programs that offer an alternative to the traditional group-home and large facility settings.

Contact Phone Numbers:

  • Sarasota (Main Office): (941)-870-4129
  • Miami: (305)-420-6984
  • Orlando: (407)-517-4612
  • Boston (617)-532-0668
  • Chicago: (773)-253-5377
  • Los Angeles: (323)-482-1640
  • Manhattan: (212)-655-9639
  • Dallas: (214)-432-5749
  • Michigan: (269) 978-6876 or (248) 237-3756