Catastrophic Care Solutions for Complex Traumatic Brain Injury Cases in Florida, Michigan, and Abroad

We are a one-stop solution for challenging neurotrauma cases, including those cases with slow-to-recover neurobehavioral, neuromedical, and polytrauma complications.

Complex NeuroBehavioral and NeuroMedical Cases

Our Team specializes in developing individualized, multifaceted treatment plans for adult, and seniors, and we offer a comprehensive, post-acute care continuum of programs, facilities, and settings – including a free-standing neuro-recovery and neur0-behavioral facility, and a variety of supported living and supervised home options.

We can help you arrange funding to access our programs: Our contracting staff and admission coordinators are experts at developing funding pathways for persons with unique and challenging financial barriers. We can work with your family, case manager, insurance company liaison, military liaison, State/Federal case worker, school system placement coordinator, attorney (LOP accepted), trust manager, and/or others to help you access the unique services our programs have to offer.

Cost Containment

One can not overlook cost factors when assessing the overall value that a rehabilitation program brings to its consumerʼs.

NeuroInternationalʼs outcome-oriented, customer-focused programs offer cost-effective, quality services that are Gold-Standard in the industry. Not only do we understand and manage the physical and behavioral care complexities associated with catastrophic neurologic injuries and disease, but we also assist in managing the cost and risk factors related to this unique population.

If you are a case manager or insurance company and have difficult cases you would like our Team to review, we will thoroughly analyze each patient’s treatment plan and cost plan to see if we can provide a similar or better service at a reduced cost. We can also arrange individualized services in the patient’s hometown, which is generally more efficient, effective, and increases customer satisfaction