Every year, the Brain Injury Association of Michigan holds an event known as Capitol Day in order to help local legislators connect with traumatic brain injury survivors. The goal of the event, held this year on Wednesday, May 17 in the Mackinaw Room, is to inform and educate Michigan legislators about the most pressing issues facing individuals and organizations with an interest in brain injury.

The Importance of TBI Legislation

Though traumatic brain injury is a medical condition, TBI prevention, education, and treatment is largely determined by the legislation enacted by each state and the federal government. The majority of programs and services for TBI patients are funded through state and federal sources. Between 2009 to present, every single state in America has passed legislation meant to prevent and diagnose cases of TBI and help TBI patients throughout their rehabilitation process. Thanks to events like Capitol Day, this legislation can be tailored to the true needs of the TBI community.

TBI Legislation Passed After the 2016 Capitol Day

After TBI survivors met with legislators in 2016, House Bill 5314 was passed and titled “Sports Concussion Amendments”. This legislation required the state of Michigan to develop and approve educational materials on the nature and risk of concussions, including the criteria for “the removal of an athlete from physical participation in an athletic activity due to a suspected concussion and his or her return to that athletic activity.”

The “Sports Concussion Amendments” marked a huge step of progress for brain injury prevention advocates because it finally required the state of Michigan to define the dangers of concussions to athletes and work to prevent injured players from returning to the field. The more attention that is brought to the issue, the more efficiently that coaches, players, and parents can work to keep athletes safe.

Capitol Day 2017 on May 17 is sure to bring many more positive changes for TBI survivors, their loved ones, and the community at large. NeuroInternational, a TBI rehabilitation and supported living program serving Florida, Michigan, and many other states, passionately supports the efforts of Capitol Day. If you or a loved one needs help with TBI recovery, give NeuroInternational a call at (941)-870-4129 to learn more about their services.