Overcoming a traumatic brain injury is nothing like healing from a broken ankle or other common injury. Rather than being a specific problem with a precise solution, TBI poses a complex web of emotional, physical, intellectual, and behavioral health conditions that are complicated to diagnose and often challenging to treat. This is why it is so critical for TBI patients to receive ongoing and comprehensive support throughout the rehabilitation process.

As the nation’s premier TBI rehabilitation and supported living service, NeuroInternational offers this type of ongoing care in its Sarasota-based free-standing facilities (ALF/TLF) to people from Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, and other states.   

Long-term recovery

When a traumatic brain injury first occurs, the treatment it requires depends on its severity. Many TBI patients need a long-term recovery program that offers a comprehensive and skilled treatment team capable of developing individualized plan-of-care protocols. Recovery might include occupational, physical, speech-language, and behavioral therapies, family involvement, and the creation of outcome-driven goals and objectives.  

Outpatient Care

Traumatic brain injury recovery often extends long beyond the time that a TBI survivor is released from long-term recovery. This is why NeuroInternational offers a host of outpatient care services like evaluation, testing, counseling, and treatment.  Board certified experts are available to work with patients, life care planners, case managers, adjusters, attorneys, guardians, and others in order to provide the most important TBI services. Common outpatient care needs include substance abuse counseling, behavior management, PTSD counseling, stress management, visualization strategies, cognitive rehabilitation, family education, and psychiatric evaluation.

Family Support

NeuroInternational understands the vital importance of equipping families with the tools and knowledge they will need to support their loved one through the TBI rehabilitation process. As family members experience the different stages of grief and work to gain information on traumatic brain injury and its effects, NeuroInternational offers a multidisciplinary treatment team that works closely with families to support a smooth rehabilitation process with positive outcomes.

If you or someone you love needs help with brain injury recovery at any stage, contact NeuroInternational at  (941)-870-4129 to learn more about their numerous TBI support programs.