A traumatic brain injury isn’t just a physical injury that requires time to heal. It has the potential to impact a person’s cognitive, emotional, and intellectual functions as well. This is why many TBI survivors find themselves relearning and adopting skills that will help them recover and enjoy a stronger quality of life. It’s not uncommon for part of this evolution to include the creation of a new career plan.

The Brain Injury Association of Florida offers a myriad of valuable TBI rehabilitation resources, including www.byyourside.org, a TBI Resource and Support Center that seeks to provide one-stop access to TBI information, resources, and support services. One significant document found at By Your Side is titled “Creating a Personal Career Plan: A Career Development Employment Guide for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.”

As the author Bruce M. Menchetti, PhD explains, a person-centered planning tool can be applied to individuals with TBI-related disabilities. The person-centered planning tool can be “used as an assessment tool to gather information, determine interests and preferences, and identify skills and abilities.” This type of information makes it possible to help those with TBI plan career goals and attain employment in their local communities.

When a TBI survivor is granted the support of a person-centered planning tool, he can benefit from a team approach, a focus on his strengths and abilities, the creation of a long-range action plan, and respect for his own wishes. This is known as a Personal Career Plan, or PCP, and it has been successfully used in the past to help people with TBI find meaningful and rewarding employment.      

As the document explains, “When used to assist individuals with traumatic brain injury, the purpose of the Personal Career Plan is to provide a structure for managing a functional, person-centered career assessment and planning process.” This can be an incredibly powerful tool for any brain injury survivor needing to take the next step in recovery. The site www.byyourside.org provides many important papers and worksheets to help facilitate the process.  

NeuroInternational in Sarasota, Florida is another essential resource that offers TBI patients valuable career path support. With the state’s largest and most diversified neurological treatment team, NeuroInternational can provide everything people with TBI need to find the job that fits their skillsets. Call (941) 870-4129 to learn more.