As the devastating and long-term impacts of traumatic brain injuries are becoming better understood by the public, more and more resources are being utilized to uncover new and innovative rehabilitation strategies. The perfect example of this progress can be seen in the $16 million in funding that Jonathan Gilbert, CEO of Scythian Biosciences Inc., just secured for his trial to investigate the impact of a cannabis-based concussion and TBI treatment.

This trial at the University of Miami will utilize cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabinoid compound known to contain neuroprotective properties without creating psychoactive effects in the brain. In theory, CBD’s healing properties could actually reduce inflammation in the brain caused by severe head trauma. If Gilbert and his team are able to prove that CBD can indeed minimize dangerous inflammation after a concussion, they will be able to produce an unprecedented pharmaceutical concussion treatment.

As Gilbert explained, “I can’t sleep at night thinking about what I can be accomplishing here. What an amazing accomplishment to create something that could be effective for everyone on Earth.” The use of CBD is especially close to Gilbert’s heart because his youngest child suffers from Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder that commonly leads patients to self-medicate with marijuana. With his son as his inspiration, Gilbert is now pursuing a way to help people with any type of neurological disorder, from Tourette Syndrome to traumatic brain injury, achieve relief by only using the truly medical component of marijuana: CBD.

“Our therapy, which involves the use of two drugs, targets two different brain receptors which are involved in suppressing this immune response and the associated inflammation,” Gilbert explained of his research study led by Dr. Gillian Hotz.

“One thing has eluded us – a clinically proven medication to treat concussion,” Hotz elaborated. “Whether or not this study leads to a pill that could treat concussion, this type of research will pave the way for UM and other researchers to better manage concussion.” Over the course of five years, this CBD research trial will uncover the exact potential for a revolutionary concussion treatment.