Neurologic Rehabilitation and Residential Services

NeuroInternational specializes in providing residential support services and resources to persons with acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, spinal cord injury, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and other neurologic disorders (ABI/TBI, CHI, SCI, I/DD).

NeuroInternational’s services focus on neurorehabilitation, neurobehavioral management (managing behavior challenges), supported living / assisted living facility services, and least restrictive living. NeuroInternational serves TBI / SCI survivors from Florida, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts and other areas.

What makes us unique?

We are not a standard Florida institute for neurological rehabilitation as we focus on the many aspects of neurorecovery. We have the state’s largest and one of the most diversified neurologic treatment team and our services are provided in a true community setting.

NeuroInternational can serve you wherever you live. If you cannot or do not need to relocate to our facilities in Florida for your full treatment, we offer the opportunity for an evaluation and customized treatment plan design in our Florida facilities, then our team of professionals will arrange for your follow-up services to be provided in your home state or country.

Other services that make us unique include:

  • Residential Pain Management Program (serving adults, seniors)
  • Senior NeuroSpecialty Programs (serving older persons with strokes, TBI, and other acquired brain injury)
  • National / International Forensic Support Services (IME support services)
  • Residential Programs (Residential IEP Facilitation by multidisciplinary team )
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (return to work, RTW,  skills teaching, job coaching / placement, etc)
  • Military: Blast injury and PTSD services
  • Supervised apartments, respite care, and supervised vacations for persons from Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, other states, and abroad.*

We Offer Services to people in Florida and Nationwide

  • We offer programs and resources to people with neurologic impairment (ABI/TBI, SCI, I/DD) from cities all over the state and country.
  • NeuroInternational offers residential (inpatient) traumatic brain programs and services in Florida.

NeuroInternational and our partners offer a true center for comprehensive neurologic services in Florida. We offer community-based Neuro-Behavioral,Neuro-Rehab, and Supported Living Programs, as well as several specialty tracts focusing on TBI sequela:

  • Return-To-Work
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • PTSD
  • Blast Injury
  • Substance Abuse
  • Care Coordination