NeuroBehavioral & NeuroRehabilitation Department Leaders

Bennie Colbert, M.A., BCBA

Program Director

Pritesh Parbhoo, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

Kristine Vallrugo, MD, JD

Medical Director, Neurobehavioral Services, Psychiatry

Jeffrey Cameron, MD 

Medical Director, Neurorehabilitation Services, PM&R

Michelle Robison, Psy.D

Associate Program Director

Gabriel Mazur Ph.D., BCBA

NH Program Director

Rebecca Newman, MA, CCC-SLP

Associate Program Director

Victor Ghobrial, MD


Daniel Stein, MD


Robert Cohen, Psy.D.  


Ronald Savage, EdD

Clinical and Strategic Advisor

Geoffrey Kanter, Ph.D., ABN, ABPdN

Neuropsychology, National ABI Services Advisor

Jason Hueser tammyboyd
Jason Hueser

VP of Contracting & Partnerships

Amanda Nelson, MS, LCSW

Director of Admissions

Tammy Boyd

VP of Marketing

Macey Waller

Director of HR, Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Kelli Zinn, RN

Director of Nursing

Suzanne Layne, RN

Director of Nursing

Ben Pulfer

Chief Operating Officer

Neal Flannery

President and Co-Founder

Noah Riner

Chief Executive Officer