Workers’ Compensation – Head Injury,Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI), Neuro Behavioral Care and Supported Living Programs

We Specialize in Workers’ Compensation, Residential Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Supported Living and Neurobehavioral Care

“NeuroInternational’s TBI staff have significant experience in the worker’s compensation industry. We know the laws associated with worker’s compensation claims from various states around the country. Our back-to-work programs and neuro-behavioral services focus on building functional skills so work comp claimants can to be successful at work, school, and home. We are known in Worker’s Comp Industry as a premier provider of residential neuro-behavioral and vocational rehabilitation services”.

We have Inpatient and Residential Traumatic Brain Injury Neuro-Rehabilitation Programs for TBI Survivors with Worker’s Compensation Insurance: NeuroInternational provides post-acute inpatient facilities for TBI survivors. Many of our residents have sustained severe head injury and have subsequent behavior problems and neuro-cognitive deficits.

Florida Worker’s Compensation, Traumatic Brain Injury and Treatment Planning:

NeuroInternational offers one the most diverse neuro-behavioral treatment team in the state of Florida (30 brain injury clinicians and doctors function as part of other comprehensive treatment team). We utilize the Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory-4 (MPAI-4) as our treatment planning and outcomes measurement tool.

Head Injury and Getting Back to Work: NeuroInternational has a very experienced CRC who specializes in traumatic brain injury. The CRC has over 25 years experience working with person with head injury.

Experienced TBI Treatment Team:

Our head injury team has significant experience managing Worker’s Compensation claims in Florida and many other states.

NeuroBehavioral Care and Worker’s Compensation Claims:

NeuroInternational offers advanced neuro-behavioral care in a variety of settings. When we admit a new resident to our program, his/her behavioral status is evaluated by the board certified neuro-psychologist, board certified behavior analyst, behavior specialist, psychiatrist (MD with significant brain injury experience) and the Team. The behavior analyst completes an on-site Functional Behavior Assessment during the first week of admission via interview, functional testing, data collection, monitoring and medical records review.

The Team’s functional assessment occurs in a variety of on-site and community environments. The CBA and Team utilizes behavior assessment methods, including behavior data collection tools as needed. The Team encourages therapy compliance through motivational protocols. The team may diversify tasks to increase participation compliance. In collaboration with the skilled therapy team, the behavior analyst may develop protocols to increase motivation, decrease the frustration threshold (antecedent and postcedent control strategies), and compliance in all therapies. The psychiatrist monitors psychotropic/neuro-leptic medication to optimize behavioral self-regulation.

Behavioral Model and Philosophy

General Behavior Services Goals:

To maximize the momentum of functional, socially acceptable behaviors and to minimize the momentum of nonfunctional, socially unacceptable behaviors. Our program promotes independence, self-worth, and quality living.

Education Provided to Client / Stakeholders:

Stakeholder education and service planning will occur at the time of admission and ongoing throughout stay. On site case management communicates with external case manager and caregivers.

Consumer Satisfaction:

NeuroInternational has very high customer satisfaction ratings due to its family-centered, individualized programming. We are recognized as Florida’s premier supported living program with neurobehavioral supports. NeuroInternational has many current and past clients who will attest the quality services we provide – a contact list is available upon request.