NeuroInternational Offers Neurologic Rehabilitation and a variety of Support Services

NeuroInternational offers comprehensive brain injury services and programs including neurobehavioral care, neuro psychiatric management, neuropsychological care, medication management services, substance abuse monitoring and counseling, communication and social skill building, vocational rehabilitation, and a variety of outpatient and other services. NeuroInternational provides structured neurologic rehabilitation support services with the goal of increasing independence, maintaining health and safety, and improving quality of life.  Treatment plans are tailored to address individual needs and we obtain input from all stakeholders (clients, families, professionals, and payors) to ensure goals and objectives are focused on desired outcomes.

For individuals in our residential programming, our doctors and clinicians are involved in the comprehensive assessment and as well as treatment planning process with goals identified by all stakeholders and measured using the Research Institute of Chicago Functional Assessment Scale (RIC-FAS), measured at admission, during treatment, and post-discharge. Other team members involved in assessment and treatment include a Social Worker, Life-Skills Staff, Nationally Recognized Board Certified Behavior Analyst, ARNP, Care Coordinator, CRC, SLP, OT, PT, and other specialists as needed. The team is available to stakeholders during the admission process and throughout the course of treatment.