Campus Facilities

Our campuses are inpatient/residential, community-based programs. Our outcome-driven care, rehabilitation, and support services are specially designed to address the complex neurobehavioral, neurorehab, health, vocational, educational and physical needs of individuals who suffer from life-changing brain and spinal cord injury or other neurologic impairment. Our facilities are the gold standard in the industry.

Our programs are led by expert brain injury specialists and are designed to help each client reach maximum independence. Our comprehensive post-acute ABI and SCI Recovery programs provide highly individualized services designed to enable people to live in as independently as possible in the least restrictive setting. NeuroInternational is a comprehensive neuro-psycho-social model that focuses on all aspects of neurorecovery and has specialty tracts to meet individual needs.

“The rights, dignity and happiness of our clients is at the forefront of our thinking.”

Siesta Key Campus TLF

6327 Brentwood Ave, Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 870-4129

Fruitville Campus ALF

4004 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232
(941) 870-4129