NeuroBehavioral Program for ABI/TBI Survivors

NeuroInternational’s NeuroBehavioral Support Services are provided to TBI survivors in a variety of settings and are guided Board Certified Behavior Analysis (Masters and Ph.D level), NeuroPsychology, Psychiatry, and Physiatry.

Our programs are designed to provide safety, structure, supervision, companionship and teaching to persons with social deficits and neuro-behavioral issues associated with brain injury and related sequelae.

One-on-One Behavioral Support and Supervision

The behavior program offers 1:1 supervision (if needed) and is managed by a team of highly experienced brain injury clinicians including Psychiatry, NeuroPsychology, Board Certified Behavior Analysis, Behavior Technicians, Substance Abuse Counseling, nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Yoga Instructors, Art Therapy, Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC), and other professional disciplines. Our program is designed to identify and reinforce pro-social behaviors while reducing behaviors that hinder community inclusion, relationship building, independence and quality living.

NeuroInternational’s staff-secured program is a progressive — not punitive —
model, and we are committed to the dignity and rights of our clients.

A More Effective NeuroBehavioral Model Focused on Neurological Impairment

Our program is not a traditional mental health program as it focuses primarily on the needs of persons with neurologic impairment. Our staff recognize that the client comes first and that we are simply visitors in a place where others live. Our staff knock before entering doors, honor special requests when possible, and go above and beyond to ensure that every client feels safe and respected in their living environments.

NeuroBehavioral Program for Intellectually / Developmentally Disabled Persons (I/DD)

Our goal is to provide individuals with neuro-cognitive challenges — I/DD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other dual/trauma/related diagnoses — with the tools to live a purposeful life in community-based settings and achieve their goals while reducing harmful behaviors. Our culture of positivity and respect are a key tool in setting the norms for how staff and clients interact and learn. We believe in a clinically intensive model that is trauma informed. Most importantly, we believe our clients can learn, improve, and live a rich life. Our program leadership includes Board Certified Behavior Analysis (Masters and Ph.D level), Psychology (including EMDR therapy when appropriate), teachers, NeuroPsychology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Behavior Technicians, and other specialized therapies as needed.