Respite, IDME & Supervised Vacations


NeuroInternational has partnered with a European Bed & Breakfast to host supervised European vacations for persons with neurologic impairment and other disabilities. Other vacation destinations abroad also include the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, and South Africa (Cape Town). Vacations are also offered in major cities within the continental United States (Orlando, Manhattan, LA, Boston, Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Sarasota, Key West).

The NeuroInternational treatment team evaluates the prospective traveler via medical records review or face-to-face evaluation and develops behavioral and medical management protocols for the trained staff to follow during the trip. The team consults with the participant’s home caregivers, external case managers, and doctors to ensure appropriate care plans are in place for the trip.


There are many reasons why someone may benefit from respite care. Sometimes the home caregivers need a break for various reasons and at times the individual may need time away from home.

Living Situation While in Respite Programs:

If you are caring for your loved one and need respite support, you/the client can choose to contract with our home health care services so that care can be delivered in the client’s own home.  Alternatively, clients may choose to stay in one of our residential ALF/TLF facility locations in Sarasota, Florida. Our residential settings are full-service and have private rooms, wireless internet, cable, phone, daily housekeeping services and all the other amenities needed for safety and comfort.