TBI survivors who sustain frontal and temporal lobe injuries may face neurobehavioral difficulties which stem from poor coping, planning, and organizational skills, preexisting and continued alcohol/substance abuse or dependence, poor frustration tolerance, impulsivity, etc. Behavioral difficulties which lead to social integration issues are often wrongly attributed to malicious intent rather than a consequence of the TBI. Further, these issues can be adversely influenced by lack of family or societal education regarding TBIs, high caregiver stress, exhausted financial resources and supports, etc. All of these factors directly impact the survivor’s rehabilitation trajectory and related behavioral challenges.

The staff of NeuroInternational is highly skilled and experienced with neurobehavioral cases. We help survivors reestablish routine, structure, medication compliance, and therapeutic relationships which facilitate reductions in the frequency and intensity of behavioral problems. Our services help take the burden off survivors, their loved ones, case managers, and guardians by providing direct guidance throughout the neurobehavioral rehabilitation process. We teach survivors and families the methods, value, and joy of maintaining positive relations.

Some Neuro Behavioral Issues That We are Equipped to Help With:


Anger Management

Getting Along with Others

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Issues