The nature and presentation of TBIs can be as unique and diverse as individual personalities. Our pre- and post-TBI abilities, strengths, supports, etc. play a vital role in our capacity to adapt to the brain injury. Given such variability, it stands to reason that establishing and maintaining relationships with other survivors can be easy in some situations but taxing in others. Generally, individuals with similar post-acute needs will be better able to relate to each other which can help sustain a friendship.

Alternatively, individuals with severe TBIs may lack the cognitive and emotional resources to understand the nature and complexity of any relationship. Nonetheless, for individuals with less severe brain injuries, the formation and maintenance of healthy positive relationships remains essential. At NeuroInternational, we focus on helping survivors and families address strained relations, build new friendships and romantic partnerships, as well as reestablish their standing as a valued citizen of their community. The experience-based support offered by our diverse staff and patient population helps facilitate a smoother transition for all our new clients.

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