Faith, Religion, and Growing as a Person

Throughout the course of history, faith has played a a powerful role in the human experience. Many individuals rely heavily on their faith tradition to answer profound questions about the past and the future, and that’s also true when an individual is coping with neurologic impairment. Whether a client comes from a committed faith tradition or no faith tradition, NeuroInternational supports holistic recovery and development and is supportive of the individual choices our clients make when it comes to matters of faith. If requested, we can facilitate regular church attendance and involvement with the house of worship of your choosing. We can also connect our clients with volunteer opportunities in the community including local faith and other support groups that will provide motivation and inspiration on the journey forward.

Religion and spiritual faith can be an important part of life for people with I/DD challenges as well as for TBI survivors, and our goal is to empower our clients to live meaningful and full lives, including the opportunity to choose and cultivate their spiritual beliefs.

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